The Club was formed in March 2010, it was set up as for many years Sunderland was one of the only regions in the North East which didn’t have its own Life Saving Club, or have ready access to Life Saving skills. As such all 3 founding members, with assistance from various other people, registered the Club with the Royal Life Saving Society (ATC No. 10013437) and embarked on getting as many people involved as we could. We are all volunteers who give up our free time to educate people about how to stay safe in everyday life, but especially around open water.

From March 2010 the Club grew very rapidly and the demand for training and courses exceeded our expectations, as such the committee has embarked on new venture to get as much adult support as possible to enable us to run a wide programme of activities.\r\n\r\nThe Club has very close links with Raich Carter Sports Centre and we receive a lot of support from the management team at Raich, this allows the Club to run sessions and training at  affordable prices.

As our trainers are highly experienced in their field of expertise this means candidates attending our courses or training sessions are really getting a sound knowledge and understanding about Lifeguarding/Lifesaving, like most other Lifeguarding/Lifesaving Clubs in the area because our trainers/instructors are delivering the training on a voluntary basis they are obviously extremely passionate about educating others and passing on skills and knowledge.

Plans for the future….The Club has very ambitious plans, these include projects such as:

  • A volunteer Lifeguard patrol scheme working with employed Lifeguard during busy periods to assist in sfety cover
  • Outreach work with local youth groups to better educate the local community on the dangers of open water
  • Working with local businesses to provide First Aid training
  • To work with other Clubs and the Northumberland & Durham branch to support them in their aims & goals

As well as the above the Club will strive to develop its Club members by means of its Club Development Grant to ensure that our members are encouraged to progress through the field of Lifeguarding/Lifesaving